Keren Malki, the Malki Foundation, a non-political, non-sectarian, not-for-profit organization, honors the tragically short life of a girl dedicated to bringing happiness and support into the lives of special-needs children

This site, and the work of Keren Malki (the Malki Foundation), are dedicated to the memory of

Malka Chana Roth Z"L 1985-2001

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Donations from our supporters and friends are essential to the work of Keren Malki. They enable us to do the positive, constructive and concrete work that characterizes Keren Malki. They are also the most practical way to ensure Malki's life is never forgotten. You can give your support and do a positive and valuable deed in these difficult times by donating in any currency. To delay sometimes means to forget, so please consider making your donation decision today to help our work.

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Credit-card donations are tax-effective under Israeli law. Make your donation by clicking on secure donation page either in English or in Hebrew

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