Keren Malki, the Malki Foundation, a non-political, non-sectarian, not-for-profit organization, honors the tragically short life of a girl dedicated to bringing happiness and support into the lives of special-needs children

This site, and the work of Keren Malki (the Malki Foundation), are dedicated to the memory of

Malka Chana Roth Z"L 1985-2001


A growing number of video clips celebrate aspects of Malki's life and the circumstances of her death, as well as depicting the work of the Malki Foundation created in her memory


The Malki Foundation's Mission Statement (2013)


The work of the Malki Foundation, known by its Hebrew name Keren Malki, is based around the idea that no place is better for a child with special needs than that child's own home. Helping to enable that to happen is what drives our activities, day after day. More at

First published on YouTube on December 18, 2013

Running time: 3 minutes 12 seconds

Connecting a stolen life to constructive and meaningful action: Remembering Malki on Israel's Day of Remembrance (2013)


In recent years, an evening of song in memory of Israel's fallen soldiers and its vctims of terror broadcast live from the Knesset on Israel Television's Channel 1 to coincide with the start of Yom Hazikaron, Israel's official Day of Remembrance. The event is produced jointly by the Knesset, along with the Ministry of Defense's Department of Families and Memorial, and the Department of Terror Victims at the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi), entities operating throughout the year for the deceased and their families.

The theme of 2013's ceremony was "In their Deaths, they Bequeathed Us...", focusing on unique individuals and the organizations set up in their memory.

Keren Malki, and the special life of Malki, of blessed memory, were amongst the select few to be honored in the 2013 event which took place on April 14. 2013. The video clip below shows what the large by-invitation-only crowd, assembled in the forecourt of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, saw that night, and that was broadcast live on Israel TV's Channel One.

First published on YouTube on April 15, 2013

Running time: 4 mins.

The children of Keren Malki: Some of the constructive things your support helps us to do (2011)


This video was prepared to show our Australian friends and supporters what is being done with the funds raised in the very successful 2011 Mt Kilimanjaro Climb for Keren Malki event ("5,895 steps that will change the lives of special-needs children")

The good news is you don't have to be Australian, or involved in the Mt Kilimanjaro climb, to derive some benefit, enjoyment and information from this 5 minute video. Enjoy! Click the image just below to view the video now.



First published on Vimeo, as Children of Keren Malki Nov11, on November 30, 2011

Running time: 5 mins 24 secs


Empowering the families of special-needs children: A 5-minute video that looks at the work of Keren Malki (2010)

The video below is the outcome of a Summer 2010 plan by our generous and wonderful friends at Keren Malki UK to widen the circle of people who know about, and give their support to, Keren Malki. Please take a moment to share in the effort by passing a link to this page along to the people in your circle. (There is a Hebrew-captioned version here.)

Special thanks to Nir Alon whose photographs so graphically and emotionally capture the experience that is at the heart of what Keren Malki aims to do for the special-needs children we support. And our great gratitude to the team at Inspire; to Juliet Errington and Daniel Mann and the volunteers of the Keren Malki UK committee; and to Rachel Oakes without whose support and technical expertise the video would not have been possible to make.


The Hebrew-captioned version is here.

Speaking about Malki's life from the podium of the United Nations (2008)

The UN secretary-general convened an unprecedented forum on terrorism and its victims. On 9-Sep-08, eighteen people from all over the world were invited to speak - people who have experienced or survived terror. Arnold Roth, one of Keren Malki's founders and its chair-person, was invited to speak on behalf of Israel's terrorism victims. He spoke from the podium about his daughter, Malki. She was murdered in a terrorist massacre at a popular Jerusalem restaurant on 9th August 2001. Her life is honored by the Malki Foundation



Malki's Legacy (2008)

Created in 2008 by Nir Alon, a multi-talented Jerusalem creator of film and still-photography images, this ten-minute video is subtitled "The story of hate inflicted death nurturing love and giving, nurturing life". It is framed by an interview with an Israeli family (speaking Hebrew but with English captions) whose special-needs son has benefited from intensive therapies funded in part by Keren Malki. Interspersed with views of the family in conversation are delightful pictures, taken by Nir Alon, of some of the many hundreds of special-needs children helped by Keren Malki via its Therapies at Home program.


Remembering the Victims, Six Years Later (2007)

We have no idea who created it. But on YouTube there's a moving 2007 video clip honoring the innocent people murdered by Hamas terrorists in the Sbarro massacre.


Running time: about 2 minutes.

Slipped Away (2007)

Another very moving video on YouTube, this one called "Slipped Away". It was first published on YouTube in October 2007.

Running time: about 3 mins 30 secs.

Sbarro Six Years Later (2007)

Another video on YouTube, recalling the horrifying scenes at the Sbarro restaurant massacre in August 2001. In part it appears to be based on the CNN film "Impact of Terror". The identity of the clip's author is unknown to us - the name given on the YouTube site is simply Yerushalmit.


Running time: about 5 mins 30 secs.

Friends Speak About Malki (2005)

This video was created at Ramaz Upper School (New York) by the staff and students in connection with their commemoration of Martyr's Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron), April 2005. Arnold Roth was an invited speaker at the school's Memorial Day ceremony.

Running time: About 8 minutes

From the Barbarians' Standpoint (2002)

In September 2001, the student union at Nablus' An-Najah (sometimes called Al-Najah) University saw fit to 'honor' the great achievement of the Sbarro massacre - and the fifteen dead Jews - with a replica of the Sbarro restaurant. The appalling reality of that 'celebration' is something that must never be forgotten. It provides an insight into the mentality of Hamas, its co-conspirators and the thugs who support them.


View "The Splendors of Terror: The Hamas Recreation of the Sbarro Massacre" [Also accessible via YouTube]


The recreation of the scene of the Sbarro massacre, on the grounds of An-Najah University in Fatah-ruled Nablus, included this entrance way complete with a "kosher" sign.

Running time: About 4 minutes

Remembering Malki and Michal (2001)

JNF Australia produced this moving memorial to Malki and her friend Michal Raziel in 2001. The short film is based on a video produced by Malki and Michal's girlfriends at the time of the Shloshim (30 day) memorial which took place in Jerusalem on what turned out to be a doubly momentous date: September 11, 2001. The scenes of teenage girls eulogizing their two murdered friends were recorded at that memorial.

If the YouTube version above is not working properly, click "Remembering Malki and Michal" to view a version that is hosted on Keren Malki's own file server.

Running time: About 9 minutes

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