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Last updated Sunday, 01 June 2014
Keren Malki and the background to our work is featured in an interview by Basil Herwald of Salford City Radio's Jewish Hour program with Arnold Roth, Keren Malki's honorary chair. From their website: "Jewish Hour is our weekly look at what's going on in Manchester's Jewish community. But you don't have to be Jewish to listen! The programme covers issues of Jewish interest as well as looking at some of the more cultural aspects of the Manchester Jewish community, such as theatre, film and sport... After more than 20 years on the BBC, the Jewish Hour team have accumulated a star-studded list of regular contributors and a large and loyal following."
Originally recorded in February 2014, the program went to air during the week of Keren Malki's UK events during March. The audio is here.


There's a video interview with Arnold Roth, Keren Malki's honorary chair, in the April 2014 edition of the FocalPoint TV cable television program. It's online at the Christian Friends of Israel Jerusalem website. The streaming video of the entire April 2014 edition is on YouTube here; the interview with Arnold starts at 22m22s. The interview itself can be streamed from Vimeo.


Malki’s Legacy: How a murdered teenager inspired an Israeli charity | March 13, 2014 | Arnold Roth was in London this week to discuss his charity Keren Malki, named after his daughter who was killed in a Jerusalem suicide attack. By Caron Kemp | Shortly after 2pm on 9 August 2001, Frimet Roth frantically called her husband, Arnold. There had been a terror bombing near their Jerusalem home. Several of their seven children were unaccounted for. Almost 12 hours later their lives changed forever when 15-year-old Malki, the couple’s oldest daughter, was confirmed as among the 15 innocent victims whose lives were lost. [See original article on London Jewish News website] [Offline version] [PDF]


Arnold Roth was an invited guest on BBC Radio Merseyside's 'Daybreak with Helen Jones' on Sunday morning, March 2, 2014. Filling in for Helen Jones was veteran BBC presenter Roger Phillips who asked his listeners "What can a man do when his child is a victim of terrorism?" before allowing Arnold to describe his family's response to the murder in August 2001 of their oldest daughter. The program provided a welcome lead in to Keren Malki UK's week of activities across England and Scotland, alerting people to Keren Malki's work, to the challenges it addresses and to the life of Malki herself. Interview length: 8 mins. Click to hear.


Minister of Social Affairs bestows award on Keren Malki founders PRlog The founders of Keren Malki, an organization that has helped to lighten the burden for thousands of Israeli families caring at home for a special-needs child were honored with the prestigious Magen Sar Harevacha award in a public ceremony in Jerusalem on June 23, 2013. See Jewish Press article "From the Greatest Loss, They Created the Means to Give to Others". [also here] See also Israeli Government Honors Keren Malki Founders [Israel National News].  See also coverage in Australian Jewish News [PDF version here] and in Haaretz [PDF version here]. Read the official press release here. 


Remembering Malki on Israel's Day of Remembrance, 2013: Keren Malki, and the special life of Malki, of blessed memory, were amongst the select few to be featured in the solemn 2013 Yom Hazikaron ceremony event in the forecourt of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, and broadcast live on Israel TV's Channel One. A video screened during the event provided an evocative connection between the stolen life of a girl, and the constructive and meaningful action done in her memory. The video is here (running time: 4 minutes).

Click to read the articlePatrick Carlyon writes a profile of Arnold Roth in the Sunday Herald Sun, April 08, 2012: "Roth feels far from powerless. He gives his talks. He shares his grief. And he lives his life... "We don't expect to change the world," he says. "We are constantly reinforced in our understanding of that. But there are things that passionate people outraged by this injustice can do. And that's what we do."   More


Arnold Roth, Keren Malki's co-founder, is interviewed on nationally-syndicated Dennis Miller Show (6-Jan-11). From the show's Soup of the Day: "Arnold Roth, whose eldest daughter, Malki, was murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists in August 9, 2001, in a crowded Jerusalem restaurant, is keeping his daughter's memory alive by helping others. The Keren Malki Foundation has been set up in her name by her family. The org enables families of special-needs children in Israel to receive home care and is a living memory to Malki, who dedicated her life to helping children with special needs, including who own sister, Roth's youngest, who is severely disabled. Find out how to get involved with the Malki Foundation at their website," More


UN symposiumAt United Nations symposium on terror victims, Malki's life is remembered  Keren Malki co-founder Arnold Roth was one of eighteen international speakers invited to address a special one-day discussion at United Nations headquarters convened by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in September 2008. The subject was terrorism and its victims, and the event was widely covered by the global media. "Malki, your mother and brothers and sisters and I, your community and your nation can never comprehend hatred and intolerance as vicious and powerful as those that ended your life. We learned from your smile. We were inspired by your love of helping children with disabilities. We established the Malki Foundation in your memory." More


Keren Malki UK Launched in London The London Jewish Chronicle edition of 19th September 2008 reports: A supper auction was held to launch Israeli charity Keren Malki in Britain. The charity helps physically disabled children of all religions in Israel and Gaza. Full report and many pictures here.  To go to the original Jewish Chronicle page, click here. Click here for an earlier Jewish Chronicle report ("Israeli charity sets up London office") on the establishment of Keren Malki UK.



Victim’s father to speak on terrorism (New Jersey Jewish Standard 27-Mar-08) Arnold Roth wishes he hadn't earned his billing as "a world-renowned expert on the victims of Islamic terrorism." He'd prefer to stay home with his family in Israel instead of spreading sobering news around the world. But because his middle child, Malki, was blown up by a terrorist on Aug. 9, 2001 in a Jerusalem pizza shop, this former Australian lawyer feels he has no choice. That is what brings him to Cong. Kol HaNeshamah in Englewood on April 5 for a Lunch & Learn session following Shabbat services. More

Jewish Press NYParents Of Terrorist Victim Comfort Others In its Channukah (5-Dec-07) edition, the Jewish Press (NY) published a profile of Keren Malki. "One very grateful woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Jewish Press that when her three-year-old son was born with cerebral palsy “everyone in the hospital said he would be a vegetable... Against the odds, she and her husband commenced therapy... “then we ran out of money… It was totally beyond me and my husbands’ salaries.” Which is when she discovered Keren Malki." The entire text of the Elliott Resnick piece is here.

Jewish Week NYAfter Sbarro’s, A New Resolve  The Jewish Week, New York, in its 16-Nov-07 edition profiles Keren Malki and the Roths in an article by Curt Schleier. "This story doesn’t end where you might expect, with anger and grief alone. As an outgrowth of the tragedy, the Roths founded the Malki Foundation in their daughter’s memory. The foundation helps Israeli families provide home care for their disabled children. But the story didn’t start here either. It began almost 35 years ago in New York City." The full article is here and online on the Jewish Week website here. An offline PDF version of the printed page is here.

Malki's Memory Honoured in the Australian Parliament On 9th August 2006, the fifth anniversary of the Sbarro restaurant massacre, Federal Labor Member Michael Danby  (pictured) rose in the Australian parliament in Canberra to deliver a moving speech remembering Malki. MP Danby has been instrumental over the past five years in reminding the Australian public of the dangers of terrorism and has helped to preserve public memories of Malki's tragic death. The text of his speech is here (on the Australian Jewish News website). See also "Five years on, Malki to be mourned in Canberra" (Australian Jewish News). Kol hakavod, Mr Danby.



Jewish Chronicle LondonA Caring Legacy of the Sbarro Bombing. The Jewish Chronicle (London, 11-Aug-06) looks at the evolution of the Malki Foundation, formed in the wake of a tragedy. The profile includes an interview with the foundation's co-chair, Arnold Roth. "How the parents of a girl killed in the blast overcame their grief to help disabled children."  [Text of article] [PDF] [JPG] The full text of the article is reproduced on our site here.


Click to go to the articleKeren Malki Profiled Philadelphia's INSIDE Magazine (Summer 2006) profiles the Malki Foundation in an issue that goes to subscribers on 25-May-06: “...The families that come to us have been everywhere and have nowhere else to go,” Frimet says with a certainty born of experience. “They’re coming after stretching their budgets to the limit, or else they haven’t given their child the therapies he needs and could benefit from. The demand for help is huge, and we’re afraid the fund will dry up. If this happens, I don’t know what we’ll tell these parents.” More


"Some discover greater joy in coping with great grief" (Home News Tribune Online, New Jersey 28-Feb-06) Dr Alan Singer: "During the current intifada in Israel, far too many parents have suffered the loss of a child. The situation is unspeakable; how are these parents to cope? I met two Israeli fathers who are mourning their children when I recently visited Israel... In my research, I discovered that being surrounded by supportive family and friends is likely the most important factor in how a mourner copes with tragedy." More [PDF]

Sydney Morning Herald"In the face of violent death, family seeks the antithesis of terror" (Sydney Morning Herald, Australia 6-Sep-03) "Arnold Roth is struck by the awfully synchronous history. His mother was 15 at the outbreak of World War II when she threw herself at the feet of a German officer to save her father's life; Roth himself was 15 during the Six Day War; his daughter was 15 when murdered by a suicide bomber... "There is almost nothing practical that ordinary people like us can do to fight barbarism and hatred," he said in Sydney this week. What the Roths did was set up the Malki Foundation, named after their daughter, who was one of 15 people killed in a crowded Jerusalem pizzeria in August 2001. "We want the Malki Foundation to be the antithesis of terror," Mr Roth said." More [PDF]

The 7.30 Report with Kerry O'BrienAustralian ABC TV's "The 7.30 Report" "Parents Coping With Grief in Israel" "Bereaved parents are trying to assist others in a bid to help them come to terms with their grief -- among them the Roth family, formerly of Melbourne, who lost 15-year-old daughter Malki in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem two years ago. This report from the ABC's Middle East correspondent Jane Hutcheon." (Aired 21-Aug-03)


Jewish Bulletin of Northern CaliforniaJewish Bulletin of Northern California: "Foundation continues work of a murdered daughter" (25 Apr 2003) "How do you memorialize your beloved daughter, murdered by a terrorist when she was only 15? How best to celebrate her life and carry on her good works?... Inaugurated in January, the Malki Foundation was created to enable families of very ill or disabled children to care for them at home." [PDF]

Nachum Segal's JM in the AM January 13, 2002 radio interview with Arnold Roth is online and can be heard by going to (click January 13th in the list). Nachum Segal's program starts each weekday at 6.00am, and the 45-min. interview with Arnold Roth began at about 7.50am. Assuming you're using Real Audio player, move the "clip position slide" to the 1h50m mark.


ABC Nightline 29-Oct-02ABC's Nightline: Ron Claiborne interviews Arnold Roth (29 October, 2002) [Nightline is a late-night news program broadcast by ABC in the United States, and has a franchised formula to other networks and stations elsewhere in the world. It airs five nights a week (weeknights), usually for 31 minutes. Ron Claiborne who conducted the interview is today (2009) the news anchor for ABC News' weekend edition of Good Morning America. Quote: One of those killed in the Sbarro Pizzeria bombing was Malkie Roth. Her parents, Arnold and Frimet, sat down with Ron Claiborne to talk about the effects of suicide bombings. This is a partial transcript of that conversation: "I think like all Israeli families, the idea that terrorism might strike us was really unthinkable. We tell the kids to always pick the safer route, but there is a big difference between that and confronting the reality of something that your mind simply can't embrace. It's impossible to think about what actually happened to us." Offline version [PDF]

Irish Sunday Business PostSunday Business Post (Ireland) Death of Innocents (3-Feb-02) From Neil Savage in Jerusalem: "The duo had spent the morning helping to decorate another friend's bedroom. They planned to attend a meeting of Ezra, a Jewish youth movement, in the afternoon. They were looking forward to it. But first, they thought, they should have some lunch. They chose Sbarro, a city centre pizza restaurant popular with teenagers, as the venue. A young man arrived at Sbarro around the same time as the girls. Izz El-Din Al-Masri was a 23-year-old Palestinian and a member of Hamas." [PDF] [Original Publication - may not be online] [Offline local copy]

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