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"Not a political statement - simply a human one"

We're very proud that the new Keren Malki Unit at Jerusalem's Yad Sarah Organization was officially inaugurated on 7th January 2003, and opened for business immediately. The new unit is the result of a joint venture created between Keren Malki and the Yad Sarah Organization. Yad Sarah is a countrywide community-based organization in Israel which lends medical equipment and provides a spectrum of services helping people from birth to old age remain at home despite illness, disability or frailty. With 100 branches countrywide, it has 6,000 volunteers  and is funded by donations, 80% of which come from Israel. Yad Sarah's website says it saves the Israeli economy $320 million a year in medical costs. Over 350,000 people use Yad Sarah's services annually. One out of two Israeli families has been helped by Yad Sarah. We're pleased to be associated with them.

The comments below were delivered by Arnold Roth at the opening ceremony for the new Keren Malki Unit. 

"Allow me please to speak to you about money.

This building, this organization, Yad Sarah, which is hosting us today and which agreed to the joint venture with Keren Malki that we are launching today, draws its strength from the spirit of volunteers.  But while it is the spirit of volunteerism and hesed which enables it to deliver services so effectively, money is essential to its operation.  

So I am going to spend three minutes talking about money. I hope you will quickly see why.

At precisely this hour, three weeks ago, I sat in a luxurious office building in Brussels, at the headquarters of the European Commission. The European Commission, more than any other body in the world, provides money to the Palestinian Authority. The European Commission has been criticized in the past year for ignoring the ways in which its money seems to have been diverted from the declared humanitarian goals which motivate it. In fact, there is very good reason to believe that this European money has ended up fattening – directly or indirectly – the personal bank accounts of certain wealthy individuals in Ramallah, in Gaza and in Jericho.

One of Europe’s most influential news magazines, Die Zeit, published a lengthy and detailed expose seven months ago under the title “Arafat Bombt, Europa Zahlt“ - in English: “Arafat Bombs, Europe Pays”. This article had a strong effect on a handful of European Parliamentarians who called for an inquiry into the way European grant money is being spent by the Palestinian Arabs. But no inquiry has yet taken place.

The man who hosted that Brussels meeting three weeks ago is a senior official in the process of transferring money to the PA. In our meeting, I told him I was sure he would have personally devoted more time, more energy and more seriousness to checking out an investment in a private holiday flat than he is devoting to checking what happens when the European money he sends reaches the PA’s bank account. I said that the Israel Defence Forces have published clear evidence that such money pays the salaries of terrorists like those who committed the massacre in the Sbarro restaurant.

Arnold Roth stands beside the dedication plaque outside the Keren Malki equipment store at Yad Sarah in JerusalemHe responded to me politely. He said we Israelis should not have this concern because all transfers of money from his office to the PA are done under the supervision of the International Monetary Fund inWashington. For those who are interested, I have brought here today an extract from a letter written to the Wall Street Journal by one of the IMF’s most senior executives in which he writes: “The IMF does not monitor foreign assistance to the PA.”

This clear public denial by the IMF did not prevent the European Commission’s foreign minister Christopher Patten from saying a few weeks ago that he wants the issue investigated "like a hole in the head."

Together with some friends, I am about to send a letter to the European Parliament pointing out to them that if they are less right than they think they are, we Israelis are going to continue to pay a very heavy price for their recklessness and indifference.

There are two ideas behind Keren Malki.

One is to remember a beautiful teenage girl with a heart of gold and with a wonderfully promising future that was stolen from her by barbarians and evil men and women. We promised ourselves in August 2001 that we would do everything possible so that Malka Chana’s murder did not become simply another statistic. 

The second idea is to do practical things so that families who want to give the best to their children with severe disabilities can do so in the best place possible: at home. The establishment of Yechidat Keren Malki is the important first step. We will try to learn from our experiences here in Jerusalem over the next months and year, and expand the activity across Israel. There will of course be no discrimination between Jewish families and Arab families or any other families. This is not a political statement but simply a human one.

For reasons which are known to you, my family and I have had to consider some very difficult questions which are on the minds of many Israelis: “What is the right response to terror?” “How should decent people react to the evil acts of men?”

I don’t know. I wish I had the confidence and clarity of vision of some of the journalists I have met over the past sixteen months. They have asked me about things they call the “cycle of violence”, the “terror and counter-terror” and the “mutual hatred between two peoples”. Their questions tell me they see us Israelis and the barbarians who destroy our restaurants and buses and bedrooms as being two sides of one coin. They see no differences.

It’s clear to me that our response as a family, and Israel’s response as a nation, is to be selfish – to focus on our needs, on our safety, on our future. If only the people on the other side of the border would think in a similar way. But that’s not the current reality, and therefore we must do everything in our power to remain strong and selfish. Only if we do can we expect to weather this terrible storm.

Money, as we all know, is a key ingredient of evil. But it can also do a great deal of good. If we were not able to focus on doing something constructive, then I’m afraid depression and hopelessness would paralyze us. If we can succeed in continuing to raise money from good people all over the world, we have a chance to change things that need to be changed. Not everything – since there are some things can never be changed. But certain practical things.

Malki wrote a letter to the editors of “Exceptional Parent”, an American magazine, when she was eleven years old. A copy is here on the table. She gave it this title: Never Lose Hope. Her message was meant to be about her sister Hayale and the challenge facing our family and families like ours to keep going, to keep pushing.

Of course, standing here and looking back on what has happened, it has a completely different meaning for us now.

The establishment of Yechidat Keren Malki is something Malki would understand and appreciate. She was practical, empathetic and concerned. Whenever she could, she accompanied Frimet on her visits to hospitals and institutions. Frimet reminded me this morning of how this allowed Malki to observe how special-needs children are treated – the positives and the negatives. Malki’s personal response to these experiences was a practical one – as a volunteer and as someone who took every opportunity to express her love and her concern for those with special needs.

A final word again about the people I met in Brussels. 2003 has been declared the European Year of People with Disabilities. Declarations and headlines are important, but only when  they are a prelude to action. In partnering with Yad Sarah, we know that actions and not headlines are what drives this place and these people. The values of hesed, tzedakah and tzedek which we were privileged to see in Malki’s life and actions are the strength behind Keren Malki. This is a powerful force. I intend to remind the politicians in Europe of this Israeli force when I send them my letter.

Thank you for being here today and for honoring the work of Keren Malki with your presence.

Frimet and Arnold Roth with Yad Sarah founder Uri Lupolianski - click for larger version

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