Keren Malki, the Malki Foundation, a non-political, non-sectarian, not-for-profit organization, honors the tragically short life of a girl dedicated to bringing happiness and support into the lives of special-needs children

This site, and the work of Keren Malki (the Malki Foundation), are dedicated to the memory of

Malka Chana Roth Z"L 1985-2001

Empowering the families of special-needs children

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The home

Keren Malki's work is based around the idea that no place is better for a child with special needs than that child's own home. Helping to enable that to happen is what drives our activities, day after day.

The challenges facing a family with a seriously disabled child are not simple. Neurological disorders, severe illness and developmental problems in childhood change the lives of all concerned: the child, the parents, the siblings and - in some ways - the society around them.

Experience shows that such families are rarely in a position to stand up to these challenges without sustained, targeted help.

In Israel, sadly, the government belongs more to the problem than to the solution.

That is where our role starts.

The Malki Foundation (Keren Malki in Hebrew) was founded in 2001 as a living memorial to a girl who dedicated herself to caring for people with disabilities, among them her own severely disabled sister.

The life of Malka Chana Roth, who was fifteen when her life was violently ended by Arab terrorists, is the inspiration for the foundationís work. Her murder is the reason it was created.


Three programs

Keren Malkiís work is channeled into three active programs: one focused on providing specialized equipment in the home, and the other two on home-based therapies. In all 3 tracks, the goal is to empower families who want to give their seriously disabled child the best possible care at home.

Most families benefiting from Keren Malkiís programs first learn about them by word of mouth: via a social worker or from their childís neurologist or therapist. The number of families admitted to the program currently stands at several hundred; the numbers are growing steadily. Fresh applications arrive at the rate of some thirty a month.

Keren Malkiís limited but growing financial resources dictate that we move forward very carefully, taking the trouble to clearly define goals and manage expenditure conservatively.


Program #1: Providing therapies in the home

Keren Malki's innovative Therapies at Home Program (known until 2012 as the Right to Nurture Program) was launched in 2003. It is based on the principle that striving to meet the needs of a seriously disabled child requires all the love and care the family can musterÖ and as much paramedical therapy support as they can afford. The cost of therapies, and finding the money to fund it, is a major factor in the lives of such families. Schools, both special purpose and mainstream, provide some therapies, but never enough.

The message from Keren Malki to parents coping with these major challenges is: You find the therapists who can best help you child, and we will help you cover the costs.

But Keren Malki's Therapies at Home program comes with conditions: families must first make full use of the therapies to which the child is currently entitled under the law. Once they have worked through the system and obtained what is available there, our role begins.

Keren Malkiís founders, Frimet and Arnold Roth, have had their own battles with the public health bureaucracy over the past decade. (The youngest of the Roth children suffers from blindness and other extreme disabilities.) Their experience is a significant factor in moulding the foundationís direction and policies.

Applicant families admitted to our Therapies at Home program receive financial support for any one or all of the following: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic swimming, speech therapy and therapeutic horse-riding.

To qualify for Keren Malki support, the child needs to be diagnosed as having a significant disability, and must reside in the family home rather than in an institution. This is a fundamental issue for us. Many large and fine institutions for the disabled operate in Israel. The guiding principle in Keren Malkiís work, however, is that we support and empower parents who want their child to continue living at home.

Unfortunately there are very few Israeli organizations which promote this view, something we hope will change with time. 

The rules of the Therapies at Home program require that families seeking admission furnish a letter from a medical specialist certifying that the child has a significant disability. A simple questionnaire is filled in by a parent and the modest set of papers is then considered at one of the weekly meetings of Keren Malkiís acceptance committee.  Click here for the application form (Hebrew)

Families admitted to the Therapies at Home program receive reimbursement (normally 75%) of the therapy costs against the receipts which they supply. For the period September 1, 2012 until December 31, 2013, each child accepted into the program will receive a maximum total reimbursement of NIS 8,300. This is under constant review, with the expectation that it will be raised over time.

The therapist providing the service must be a licensed professional in his or her field under Israeli law; and the receipt for payment must comply with the taxation authoritiesí rules. As a matter of principle, we will not reimburse therapies provided Ďoff the booksí or by unlicensed professionals.

Note: You can download the Therapies at Home application form and the Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ) form, currently available in Hebrew only, from here.


Program #2: Long-term access to vital equipment

In Keren Malkiís second program, formally called the Keren Malki Equipment Lending Unit at Yad Sarah, we provide specialized equipment for the home: items that generally are either unavailable in Israel from any other source, or prohibitively expensive.

The goal, as with the Therapies at Home program, is to empower and support families wanting to care for their special-needs child at home, rather than to institutionalize the child. An Israel-wide network of volunteers aiding disabled, elderly and house-bound people, the Yad Sarah organization has for years been devoted to making home-care an option. It has gained a well-deserved international reputation for the excellence of its performance.

Since establishing Keren Malki's joint venture with Yad Sarah in January 2003, we have had the privilege of providing home-care beds, standers, walkers, bath-inserts, hoists and host of other items to households where a seriously disabled child is cared for. The Keren Malki joint-venture warehouse at Yad Sarah in Jerusalem has served many hundreds of families from all parts of the country and from all demographic segments of Israeli society.

To obtain equipment from the Keren Malki Unit at Yad Sarah, please phone before you visit to ensure the equipment you need is available and in stock: 02-644-4600. A dedicated team of support personnel will be able to advise you about obtaining what the child needs. For families living outside Jerusalem, arrangements will be made to have the equipment delivered to your home in any part of Israel.


Steady Growth

When we began supplying equipment for home care, we had a general sense of the kinds of equipment needed, and not much idea of how quickly the demand from families would materialize and grow.

Some years later, it is apparent to Yad Sarahís management and volunteers and to Keren Malki Ė and to anyone who watches the steady flow of expensive equipment being taken home by grateful borrowers Ė what a valuable service we provide. The faces say it all.

Our equipment includes about thirty different classes of item; some are in greater demand than others. Our specialty focus makes us one of the largest purchasers in the world for certain kinds of aids and therapeutic equipment.


Program #3: Therapists on Wheels

Starting in early 2011, and after a year of preparation, our new and innovative third track, the Zlata Hersch Memorial Therapists on Wheels Program, got underway.

Currently in its early stages, the program provides mobile therapists who will travel to where the special-needs children live, delivering quality paramedical therapies in Israelís northern and southern periphery communities.

In those areas, access to such services is often inherently more difficult; fewer therapists are available, and distance makes it hard to bring the child to the therapy sense.‏ We firmly believe this program, initiated and funded by modest supporters in Jerusalem (who prefer their identity to remain private) with a seed grant made in honour of a loved family member, offers a creative solution to a serious challenge.

We are looking forward to see it advance at least as well as our two original programs have done. 


Your support

The degree to which the Malki Foundationís work will succeed is directly related to how well we are able to maximize the effectiveness of money raised from donors. This, in turn, requires minimizing our expenditure of time and money on infrastructure and overheads.

Keren Malki has always had a lean management team. Our fund-raising is, in principle, done by volunteers. A small group of committed volunteers, including Frimet and Arnold Roth who founded the organization in their daughter's memory and play a non-executive management role, contribute their time without payment, providing the additional manpower we currently need to do our work including the raising of donation money.

Keren Malkiís financial accounts are professionally prepared and audited, and the organization is registered with the Israeli authorities as a not-for-profit (an Amuta). The donations we raise outside of Israel are channeled via Friends of Keren Malki voluntary groups in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, and are transferred to Israel with no deduction and no overhead expenses.

Keren Malkiís sharp focus and lean structure should never be confused with amateurism. In our quiet way, we have already reached many hundreds of Israeli families, and with your help we will reach hundreds more this year.



  • For enquiries about day-to-day management of Keren Malki's therapy and equipment services, call our office: +972-2-567-0602

  • Keren Malki's legal structure is described here

  • Arnold Roth's original September 2001 'Open Letter' about the goals and aspirations of the Malki Foundation

  • To make a secure online contribution (tax effective in the US, Israel and the UK) now, click.

Many hundreds of children from all parts of Israeli society get otherwise-unaffordable access to quality home-care, home-care equipment and the best available therapies. We have funded well into the thirty-thousands of para-medical therapy sessions in the past several years.

Keren Malki, the foundation's Hebrew name, started as one family's effort to honor the memory of a much-loved child.

Malki Roth's life ended in an act of murder, driven by hatred and intolerance. She was 15.

This website and the Malki Foundation's work are a loving memorial to her life.  Please give us your support.

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