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If a picture is worth 1,000 words...

What is Palestinian Arab society doing to its own women and children?  And when will its religious and political leaders be brought to account for their depraved actions?

All the snapshots below were published in mainstream news media after September 2000 when the Arafat regime's war of terror against Israeli civilians was launched. (For an objective critique of the cynical manipulation of children as tools of warfare, please visit the website of Operation Sick.)

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Educating the world about desperation and pain, Palestinian woman performs for press photographers in Abu Dis district of Jerusalem 7th February 2004, next to the Israeli security wall

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While governments and international forums tut-tut, the education of Palestinian children towards self-destruction and hatred  gathers momentum

There are hundreds of pictures on the web like this one - Palestinian Arab infants and children dressed up in the insignia of barbaric gangs like those of Hamas, sometimes holding guns, sometimes dressed as bombers. No child in history ever emerged from a mother's womb with hatred in his or her heart - it grows because it's planted there, nurtured over years by people like the hate-driven men whose shoulders are supporting this still-innocent child.


How much blame should the world's paparazzi bear for Palestinian Arab murders of innocent Israelis?

A news photograph - or a media circus? Who is exploiting whom? And why didn't this picture, taken at this particular angle, ever appear in any newspaper?


Australian magazine "New Idea" interviewed Arnold Roth in September 2002 and never published it. This article, glorifying females who explode themselves, was published by New Idea, with artwork presenting an absurdly glamorous view of Palestinian murderers

Australia's "New Idea" magazine ran this illustration in a 7th April 2003 article which reads in part: "Frustrated at Israel's treatment of them and the world's indifference to their plight, these women followed their male brethren to martyrdom". The article itself glorifies female suicide bombers. New Idea editors used the imagery of fashion glamour, a close-up photo of a chador-clad beauty and the pathetically absurd (not to say dishonest) claim that such female human bombs are "highly trained". Any resemblance to the complex and poorly understood reality of Palestinian Arab women who murder innocent civilians while suiciding is entirely accidental.


The news article from which this snapshot was taken describes a "graduation exercise" - an Israeli flag is burned while the children chant praise of so-called martyrs. They pledge to 'continue the Jihad in resistance and in intifada'. This girl raises her 'bloody' hands in homage to the grotesque picture of the Ramallah lynch mob that tore three Israeli reserve soldiers to pieces in Ramallah. All of the children carry toy rifles.


Rachel Corrie - the power of hatred and myth

This widely published image shows Rachel Corrie, since deceased, an American-born 'peace activist', educating Palestinian Arab school-children in the intricacies of building a future based on hope, tolerance and a better world.


Palestinian Arab children are educated to hate

What are the chances the Palestinian Arab child trampling an Israeli flag at an organized Palestinian Arab communal event will one day know how to live in peace with his Israeli neighbours?


Palestinian Students Celebrate and Glorify Terrorism with "Sbarro" Replica Exhibit in Nablus

The massacre of mothers and children at the Sbarro restaurant was 'honored' by the creation of a replica at one of the Palestinian Arab world's most important centers of advanced education. Click on the picture to know more about this disgraceful event. Then ask what it means when universities in Europe, Australia and elsewhere have established, and maintain, formal ties of friendship with the educational establishment which sponsored this travesty. 

Confronting the hatred... with practical, constructive deeds

You may have come to this page out of a sense of wanting to do something positive and practical. Perhaps you're feeling outrage over the dishonesty and perversion of media coverage in relation to Israel. You might simply want to make a non-political, humanitarian statement in the face of acts of evil and barbarism that keep going on and on.


Keren Malki was created in response to a murder. The beautiful life of our daughter and sister, Malka Chana Roth, ended in an act of hatred and barbarism. But the good that Malki brought into the world did not end. Your help - and our utter determination - will ensure it survives and grows.

Keren Malki was established as a not-for-profit, tasked with addressing the practical needs of families here in Israel trying to cope with raising a child with severe disabilities. (And we mean all families - not Jewish families, not Christian families, not Moslem families, not Druze families; all families.) My wife and children and I are such a family ourselves. We understand some of the challenges and needs, and we are doing something to help. At the same time, it's our response to the unthinkable acts of destruction and hatred and primitivism that surround us - and that we will never allow to defeat us.

If you decide to make a donation to Keren Malki as a way of expressing your feelings, we will be happy to honor that donation by forwarding a letter plus printed card on your behalf to the newspaper, magazine, radio or television station of your choice. We will be letting them know of your act of Hesed. 

We will also be explaining to them that people who truly want to see peace between Israel and the Arabs understand that this has to come from mutual respect, mutual understanding and the total and unconditional rejection of terrorism. The work of Keren Malki symbolizes those values quite well. (If you would like us to send something with a specific message, please email that message to us via this link.)

The word hesed (sometimes written chesed or chessed) might not be familiar to you. It's simply the Hebrew name for "acts of loving-kindness" - basically, doing something good and beneficial for others without giving thought to whether you yourself will benefit from it. Much of traditional Jewish behavior is based on the desire to do acts of hesed. You may want to click here to learn more.

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(This may be a good moment to mention that we have a secure credit-card donation page. If you are a US tax-payer, the IRS says your donations made here are an allowable deduction. Tax-deductions are available to donors in the UK and Israel as well. Details are here.) 

Thank you, 

Arnold Roth
Jerusalem / August 2005


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